How it Works

The lines of communication are always open: the JabberDesign Process


When you hire JabberDesign, to develop a new site or modify an existing one, we provide the following:

  • Complimentary initial (telephone or face-to-face) meeting to determine your needs.
  • Complete proposal outlining the project plan.
  • Quote sheet with costs listed up front for no surprises.
  • A detailed project specification that maps out the exact steps necessary to build your site, if appropriate.
  • Well-documented, standards-based code.  We use WordPress, an open-source software with an easy-to-learn content management system so your employees or other developers can easily access and build on your site.  You’ll never be left in the cold!
  • Training on how to use the WordPress content management system.
  • Complete access to us so you can get your questions answered at any stage throughout the development and training process.
  • Ongoing support through our maintenance program.

We feel strongly that building a website is an ongoing process. Like any other part of your business, your website needs to grow and change to remain useful and pertinent to your clients. We’re always available for “free advice” since we pride ourselves on gaining customers through our knowledge and experience. Contact us for more information or check out our ongoing maintenance packages.