Effective Websites

What is an Effective Website?


The verbal content of any website is certainly important, but the Internet is a primarily visual medium, and the viewer’s first impression is visual. So the proper use of colors and space is critical to the success of a site. JabberDesign uses the client’s logo and just the right color scheme to design a site that best creates a visual representation of that business. A look at our folio makes it clear that each website we design represents the client’s vision and not ours – no two sites we create are the least bit alike.

Regardless of the unique look and voice of a given site, all effective websites share attributes in common. In an effective site, navigation is streamlined, simplified, clear, and as obvious or intuitive as possible. Our goal is to provide our clients with a simple, efficient, effective means of communicating with their customers, and that can only happen if the customer can easily access the information he or she needs.

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