JabberDesign Website Maintenance

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to complete your own updates.  Let JabberDesign help you out!  Here’s some information on JabberDesign’s content update  plans:

  • All updates are completed within 72 hours-usually sooner-of receipt of the request and all materials, i.e., text &/or photo(s).
  • We can work on all WordPress developed websites.
  • Updates provided as needed will be completed at $110/hour.  Billed monthly on the 1st.
  • A 6 hour maintenance agreement brings the rate to $100/hour.  Payment in advance.
  • A 12 hour maintenance agreement brings the rate to $95/hour.  Payment in advance.
  • There is no expiration date for use of hours purchased in advance.
  • All updates are calculated on the quarter hour [we’re very quick!].
  • Mileage outside of the Saugatuck/Douglas area will be charged at $35/hour. Any meetings (in-person, electronic, phone, etc.) are billed at the maintenance rates listed above.
  • We like to suggest that you gather together changes and send them to us in bulk.  This leads to a more efficient use of our time and translates to a lower cost to you.
  • Please specify if you’d like us to estimate in advance of the amount of time a particular update will take.
  • We’re here to help you.  You have complete access to us so you can get your questions answered and changes made quickly.
Like software on a phone and computer, the website software releases frequent updates which add functionality, but also fixes bugs and security holes. It’s critical that updates are installed on the website regularly. A software maintenance agreement will help make these WordPress, theme and plugin updates and upgrades worry-free. Here’s information on our software update plans:
  • $960/year to update WP core, theme & plugins 4x/year. Payment in advance.
  • $1,320/year to update WP core, theme & plugins 6x/year. Payment in advance.